local garden

Photo by epSos.de

When we think of the typical garden, it often conjures up images of perfectly groomed and trimmed plants and flowers amid a clean bed of mulch. Many gardeners choose their plants based on what “look” they want to achieve, or other desired benefits. However, that approach does not take native species into account. There are so many reasons to choose native species over mass-produced, ubiquitous landscape plants. Here are some of those reasons. Read the rest of this entry

To conserve water, some gardeners are turning to low water-use or drought-tolerant plants. There are many environmental benefits to this approach to gardening that combines water conservation with beautiful landscaping. Let’s take a look at what is meant by low water-use plants, what kinds of plants there are in this category, and the specific benefits. Read the rest of this entry


Photo by Noël Zia Lee

Deer are beautiful animals, and many people enjoy watching them. However, deer can wreak havoc on your garden, and they carry ticks. It can be very frustrating to have your gardening efforts sabotaged by a hungry deer, but you need not resort to synthetic chemicals or violence (tempting though it may be!). Here are some tips for keeping deer out of your garden naturally. Read the rest of this entry


Photo by _PaulS_

Ecosystems are a complex series of interconnected life forms that depend upon each other. Ecosystems exist in a state of balance and when one component is affected, the whole system is thrown off.

Bees are an integral part of a healthy ecosystem. Here are some things to think about the next time you get annoyed by a bee. Read the rest of this entry

compost food waste

Photo by sporkist

There are so many ways to compost your food waste. There is some sort of composting option for everyone! Here are some of the ways you can compost your food waste. Read the rest of this entry

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