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Homeopathic medicine seeks to heal the entire being of the patient. In the case of homeopathy for animals, this means the animal’s mental and emotional health are addressed in addition to relief from symptoms. Read the rest of this entry

good friends

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We all love having friends, and a few close, good friends are a special thing. Did you know that there are also health benefits involved with having friends? And when you are a friend to someone else, you are boosting his or her health. Here are some things to think about the next time you talk on the phone or hang out with your friends. Read the rest of this entry

What are some of the things you want your child to learn through play? Many – if not most – parents want for their children’s toys to encourage healthy mental development and motor skills. But many modern toys “spoon feed” entertainment to children without enhancing their individual skills. Rather than encourage creativity, many toys today aim only to entertain, and in a particular way. Here are some problems with today’s toys. Read the rest of this entry

Stress is a significant problem in our modern era. Many people turn to powerful drugs to help them cope, but there are alternatives. Homeopathic medicine offers some positive options.

Homeopathy, or homeopathic medicine, is often considered synonymous with natural or alternative medicine. But homeopathy is a specific kind of natural medicine. Read the rest of this entry

For decades we’ve heard about the dangers of smoking and of second-hand smoke. But there are now concerns over “third-hand smoke,” or smoke that has penetrated fabrics, paper, and other substances, and settled on indoor surfaces. This residual smoke can, apparently, form new chemicals when it settles on common household items such as carpets and furniture. Read the rest of this entry

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