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There are ways to teach your kids about saving energy at home without constantly nagging them to turn off lights or shut the front door. It’s not just about having rules and enforcing them, although that is a good idea too. It’s also about teaching your kids the principles of saving energy and instilling that in them. Here are some ideas for getting that energy-saving point across. Read the rest of this entry

Many children are naturally sensitive to animals. After all, in many animated movies, cartoon series, and books, animal characters are personified to appeal to children. Therefore, teaching kids about the rights and welfare of animals means you are teaching something that is likely to be understood and absorbed. Read the rest of this entry

Homeopathy for your catHomeopathic use for animals has been around for a long time. Even the father of Homeopathy, Dr Hahnemann, tested and tried its effectiveness not only on human beings but also animals. The use of homeopathy by veterinary doctors is increasing rapidly, to deal with first aid and chronic conditions.

Homeopathic Care for Your Cat is a book specifically designed for cat owners who want to treat their feline friends in a safe but effective way. The book gives a great introduction to homeopathy, the remedies, dosages and even gives tips on how to give your cat a pill. As a cat owner, I know that this is not always an easy task.

You learn about a whole range of conditions, their symptoms and their homeopathic treatment. Ears, mouth, eyes conditions, respiratory problems, heart and circulation problems, digestive organs, issues with bones, joints and muscles, skin diseases, urinary tract problems and dangerous bacteria and viruses. Also included are homeopathic first aid treatments for conditions such as concussion, near-drowning, accidents and bite wounds.

In my opinion, this book is a great guide on how to treat and heal your cat in a homeopathic manner, without the use of non-necessary medical intervention. In addition, it gives general care tips for cat owners and how to keep your feline healthy and well. It is a well written and researched book by a well-known and well-respected veterinarian.


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Homeopathic medicine seeks to heal the entire being of the patient. In the case of homeopathy for animals, this means the animal’s mental and emotional health are addressed in addition to relief from symptoms. Read the rest of this entry

apple dessert

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So many apple desserts involve large amounts of sugar, butter, shortening, or white flour – or all four of these! It’s really too bad, since naturally-sweet apples make excellent, healthy desserts without all of the added ingredients. Here are some recipes for healthy apple desserts that everyone in the family can enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

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